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Rustic Fish Tank Stand

This hand carved stand was made out of wood from an old building I tore down. Took 60 hrs to get it finished so you might take that into consideration before asking how much to build one like it.

Shelby Cobra Coffee Table

I made this table for my grand daughter. She was studying to be a Vet and wanted an snake in it. So I am a mustang lover and said how about this snake? She took a look and said ok and when I told her it was from a Shelby Cobra she loved it. It is 27 inches deep 41 inches wide and 18 inch tall. Tall enough so that she could use it as a table to eat off of.

The apartment was  really small so I made it tall so she could work on her computer on it and made places to keep books and papers and other things kind of like a desk. It is on wheels so it can be easily be moved around. There is a drawer in the back for blankets or whatever.

She wanted big hinges so I used the ones from our old gate to our pool. Made from solid pine except the drawer bottom and it is from an old mirror.

Contact or call 817-202-7442 for more info

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Hall/ Media Table

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This is a table I made that is 31 inches tall 16 inches deep and 55 inches wide. The middle shelf is adjustable. Made out of white fur. Stained with a mini wax honey stain and hand rubbed poly. Because of the crazy raising wood prices please contact or call 817-202-4772

Tall Tree Of Life Coffee Table

This solid pine distressed table is 26 inches wide 50 inches long and 23 3/4 inches tall. It was made tall because the person ordering it is pretty tall and dogs that tend to knock stuff off with their tails. It has a lift top with a small drawer under that lifts when the top does. The drawer can be turned over and used as a mouse pad our whatever you want the extra space for. The table is stained with a honey stain and finished with a wipe on poly. The top graphics are pyrography and the front and back have a texture add with a hand carved celtic knot in the center. Made to match tree entrainment center and the butler table listed on this site. To see more photos of this project click here. If you would like more info or to order one contact or call (817)202-7442.

Tree of Life Coffee Table

Tree Entertainment Center

This is a solid pine entertainment center I designed and built. Stained with Miniwax Honey with a hand rubbed poly finish. It is 65 inches wide 18 inches deep and 28 inches tall.

This one has an old floor from the 40’s as a back.  I don’t have anymore flooring so making one with that wouldn’t be possible. You would have to contact on pricing for any carving that could be added.  You can click on a photo to enlarge it.

Call 817-202-7442 or email for more info

Chair That Folds into a Table

This is a chair that folds down into a table. Repairing and upgrading for my good friend Karen Harrison.

Karen Harrison passed away April 17, 2017,

I finally got back to getting this finished after 4 years.
This was a tuff one for me but it is finally finished and ready to go home.
If  a piece of furniture is worth keeping it should be kept in a climate control building. Heating it up from the summer  and cooling it down in the winter in a storage building will in the end just make the wood expand and contract to the point of coming apart.
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Buckle frames we have in stock

All our frames all sold but you can still order them by contacting

Sorry no frames in stock


New product Memory Frame

This frame is made of knotty pine. 37 1/4 inches wide 35 inches tall and 4 inches deep. Has glass in the door. None in stock made to order. $250 for this size Call 817-202-7442 or email for more info.

Memory Frame

Texas Hanging Shelf

This is a pine shelf 30 inches long by 6 inches wide and 4 inches tall. Designed to hang on the wall. If wanted I could add a groove for belt buckles or plates. Also can make it longer or shorter if need be. This one is already spoken for. I only have 3 metal Texas designs left. I could make it a star or whatever you want. For more info click here. Custom orders are 50% down


Texas Style China Hutch with Hidden Gun Case

This is a solid hard rock maple china hutch made in the 1950’s by the Tell City Chair Company. It is 73 inches tall and 53 inches wide.

The hand carved stars are made of walnut. One of the top drawers are made to hold silverware. All the dividers are removable in case you want to cover the bottom in felt. The doors have a place to hold 3 wine bottles in each one.This cabinet has been stripped down rebuilt and refinished with a honey colored stain and a hand rubbed poly finish. It is now sold Contact for more info. To see more photos of this piece click here