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Cedar Display Case

I made this out of scraps and stuff I had laying around. I measured the the glass. Found a few pieces of glass that had a curve cut into them. At first I thought I would make it wide with three curved shelves but figured out I didn’t have enough wood for it. I did a little more digging and found 4 smoked glass shelves. Figuring out how wide the display case had to be for the shelves to word I remembered I had an old cedar table that was made in the 40’s so I thought I take it apart and use it for the bottom and top shelves. I had a mirror that I bought over 40 years ago from a guy who told me it was from the 1890’s.

When I took the old table apart it just shattered so I had to glue a bunch of the broken pieces together to make a shelf.  The glue wasn’t holding after couple of hours so I decided to screw the whole together and plug the screw holes.

I didn’t have enough cedar after all and I wasn’t able to buy more so I used a piece of poplar on the top. My goal was to make the case out of scrapes and I think it turned out pretty good for a new antique.